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Strange phobias: Why I hate Capri ice cream

There are the strangest phobias: But most of them are hardly noticeable in everyday life. Do not you like cats? Then that's not a problem for a long time. But if you can not be in the room with a cat, that could already be a full blown phobia. We have examined the small and large phobias of our fellow human beings and found out funny and astonishing things.

Who is afraid of ice please? More people than you probably think
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Do you have a neighbor who constantly complains about the noise in the house? Then maybe he is an acousticophobia. This term describes people who are afraid of loud noise and noise. Basically you can develop a phobia in almost everything and there are just as many names in science for the different fears.

In a chirophobia, for example, the person concerned is afraid of the hands, an epistaxisist is permanently afraid of nosebleeds, and a hexacosioxeconta-hexaphobia describes the fear of the number 666. The number of phobias is so great that there is also a name for every anxiety. We took a closer look.

MAREN, xylophobia:

I do not want to lick ice stalks, I'd rather avoid an ice cream than being forced to pick up an icy stalk or come closer to it with my tongue. "Special horror: the classic ice cream Capri from Langnese. but above all water-ice with wooden handle makes it even worse.The thought of the scratchy feeling of the small wood fibers on the tongue instantly creates goose bumps on my back.Also a scary idea: wooden spoon.Taste off with a wooden spoon? That's absolutely nothing for In general, I prefer to avoid wood with my mouth. "

MARIEKE, Chaetophobia:

"There it lies and curls up, long and shaggy, on the seat in the train, on the floor in the locker room, stranger from the predecessor in the hairdressing brush or, the classic, the hair in the food." Strange mane disgust me Pull my tracks and suddenly have a floating hair between your fingers? Disgusting! Or I dance in the evening in the club and on my bare arm, the long bristle strubbeln of my Tanzflächenaufbarin.Wäh! Make yourself Zopfgummis, girls! And collect your fancy hair Please everyone again, because I should not delete any of them. "

JASMIN, podophobia:

"They are as far as possible from my eyes, the feet, and yet I want to run away screaming in front of them, I do not think their own is really great, but strange feet are my horror." The disadvantage of such a strong rejection: Man looks constantly, as in an accident.And I am always confirmed in my disgust: Long toenails, lint in the nail corners, cracks, calluses, chipped nail polish, applied last weeks weeks ago ... The list can be continued. And even if bare feet accidentally touch on the picnic blanket in the summer, I creep like a little kid, even if I know the person pretty well and their feet are basically taken care of. "

By the way: Not all phobias need to be treated. If you are so limited by your phobia that normal everyday life is no longer possible, there are effective ways to combat it. Hypnosis, psychotherapy or in bad cases even medications can help. Luckily, most phobias are harmless nasties that are easy to live with.