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Selfie Stick: Is this the future of self-portraits?

The Selfie Stick is the perfect assistant when taking photos ...
Photo: Rollei

With this gadget no photo is too short

Anyone who often takes a snapshot of themselves, knows the problem: Somehow, the arm is never long enough to really have everything in the picture ... Luckily there is now this invention!

Ellen DeGeneres would have loved the Selfie Stick in March, because even more celebrities would have fit on her legendary Oscar selfie. A few months later, we're excited about the arm extension, which makes it even easier to take photos of yourself. At one end of the selfie stick, which is available in different colors, the smartphone simply gets caught. At the bottom of the handle, you can conveniently operate the trigger, which connects to the mobile phone via Blue Tooth.

Granted, at first the idea sounds a bit strange. But think about how many times friends or family do not like the spontaneous snapshot and you prefer not to push a smartphone into the hand of a stranger. The practical thing about the Selfie Stick is that it can be extended up to a meter and can be stored in any handbag after work - so the perfect holiday companion!

By the way, the useful photo aid originally comes from extreme sports. But we do not believe that soon only climbers, surfers or snowboarders will pose with the selfie stick in front of various sights ...

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