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Selena Gomez shows sideboob in the extreme cleavage

Selena Gomez Busenblitzer

Selena Gomez obviously enjoys having her new, ultra-feminine image. After several hot selfies she appeared for the premiere of her new movie "Rudderless" in a tight red dress, in which she gave very deep insights into her cleavage.

Selena Gomez extremely cleavage
Photo: Getty Images

For the cinema premiere on October 7, 2014 Selena Gomez appeared perfectly: To the strict Frida Kahlo hairstyle with center parting and Dutt she chose a seductive mini dress by Christian Dior, which left little imagination, and transparent pumps Manolo Blahnik. Whether she's with Justin Bieber or not, he certainly could not get enough of those pictures.

The seductive sideboobs of the stars shows the gallery!

Selena Gomez has hardly known such a lot of sideboob, even though she has become more and more courageous with her choice of clothes lately. On the side of her simply dressed in black co-actress Felicity Huffman, she became the star of the evening, but managed to avoid a breakdown thanks to garment tape. The cut was always risky: In the profile view, the fabric just barely covered the nipple.

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