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Even the wife is: Sonya Kraus about home improvement and decorating

At least since "Do It Yourself - SOS", we know: Sonya Kraus loves home improvement and how your passion came and that your friend has many qualities, just no manual skills, she tells us in an interview.

Photo: Steinel

What excites you about DIY?

Sonya Kraus : DIY is an incredibly creative hobby and woman builds for eternity. Or at least for the next few years ...

Where did you get your home improvement talent?

Sonya Kraus : That was born out of necessity: Since my father died when I was 11, I tried my mother, at least in this regard to lose weight. When I bought an old house at the age of 23 from my self-earned model money, I was completely broke. So I just had to renovate everything myself - and it became a passion.

Have you done much at home? If yes, what?

Sonya Kraus : Everything! Only of electricity, gas and window and door installation, I let my fingers.

What was your biggest home improvement mishap?

Sonya Kraus : Oh, there are always misadventures. But you start with tiling the best in the farthest corner of the cellar and until you arrive at the EC, you've got it all right. Only with plumbing work there is no botch: Either it is tight - or not! At my first sink, I had to let the pro come.

Which home improvement shop are you particularly proud of?

Sonya Kraus : Always up to date with the latest project: In June I built a second large wooden terrace with a garden water tank underneath. Next, I'm rebuilding my basement.

Are you often asked by friends and family for do-it-yourself help?

Sonya Kraus : For my mom, I am the private caretaker. Last week I rode around on the roof, because she thought the gutters had to be made "herbstfit".

What exactly do you ask for?

Sonya Kraus : Oh, my advertising slogan could be: "All work - fast and free!" Many friends who have more understanding of my side job on TV, but just ask me for ideas.

Keyword men and home improvement. Are men really the more artisanal sex?

Sonya Kraus : Nope, my friend is the best example. He has many qualities, but manual skill is not one of them. However, men are usually not afraid of loud power tools, they are better at carrying 40kg sacks and have never said: "Let me do that, Babe!" belongs.

How important is the establishment of the potential partner?

Sonya Kraus : Absolutely no matter, the furnishing veto is mine !!!

Not only do you look great, you can paint, hammer and saw. Does not that scare some men?

Sonya Kraus : No, those guys are not our boys either. On the contrary, the metrosexuals are pleased that they do not have to do it and with the macho one can at least have a reasonable conversation about masonry milling and other beautiful toys.

Your deco tip to all WUNDERWEIB readers?

Sonya Kraus: Sorry, but there is not the deco tip! Everyone lives and loves it differently. However, what should be missing in any German budget household decoration, is a hot glue gun (eg the Neo 3 of Steinel). It's a great way to decorate gifts, pimp clothes or shoes, and even tape electrical cables. I stuck a real mussel border into the white bath. Still holding bomb! The hot glue gun is something like the entry-level drug for home improvement.

What are the absolute deco-no-go's for you? What do you recommend against the WUNDERWEIB readers?

Sonya Kraus: As in fashion, what's allowed is what's allowed. Personally, however, I am extremely allergic to colorfully patterned decorative fabrics, windowcolors and clay pottery!

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