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Sweet deer from chestnuts

- chestnuts for body and head

- 1 small, flat chestnut

- matches with brown head

- 4 pins with red head

- 1 piece of chestnut skin (dried)

- Acorn stalk

- Hot glue gun and hot glue

- pliers

  • Body:
  • Possibly. Drill holes in both chestnuts with a nail.
  • Approximately 2 cm from a match. Combine 2 chestnuts as head and body.
  • Legs: For the legs drill four holes in the lower chestnut and insert whole matches. For the seated male, arrange the holes so that they can sit.
  • Head: A short piece of match results in the nose. Possibly. pre-drill the hole with the nail.
  • Two red pins make up the eyes. Shorten the needles with the pliers.
  • Headgear: Attach chestnut peel on a manikin as a hat with hot glue.
  • For the other male stick a hat from a flat chestnut. Pre-drill a fine hole with the pin and insert a glans stick.
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