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Cute DIY card for Valentine's Day tinker

Everyone is happy about this lovely card for Valentine's Day
Photo: deco & style


February 14th is Valentine's Day and if you want to send your loved one a special message, how about this home made card?

This is what you need for the Valentine's Day Card:

  • Computer, printer and paper
  • 1 sheet of stationery, pink
  • red watercolor paint
  • Fineliner, black
  • scissors
  • fine scissors (eg embroidery scissors)
  • pencil
  • brush


And that's how easy it is:

1. Download template, print and cut out.

2. Then lay the form on pink stationery and trace the contours with the pencil.

3. Now the shape is cut out, bent on the lines and unfolded again.

4. Mark and cut out the little hearts.

5. Stain one side of the card with red watercolor and let it dry.

6. Label the card with Fineliner and insert the pages into each other.

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