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Floating candles in fish form

  • Wax lenses (craft shop)
  • Wax dyeing plates in blue and green (craft shop)
  • Biscuit cutter in fish form (eg

      from trading house Laegel)
    • aluminum foil
    • Candle wicks (craft shop)
    • Toothpick (department store)

    1. Melt waxed lenses and blue dyeing plates in a water bath.

    2. Wrap the biscuit cutter thoroughly on the underside with aluminum foil so that the liquid wax does not run out later. Put the cookie cutter on a plate.

    3. Pour melted wax into the prepared cookie cutter.

    4. Add a wick to the liquid wax, fix it with toothpicks. Let it dry thoroughly.

    5. Remove the finished floating candles from the cookie cutters. If necessary, dip the cookie cutter into hot water.

    6. To obtain multicolored fish, repeat the process several times and stain the wax differently.