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Pregnant mother dances with daughter.

Gorgeous video: A dance-gifted family

Some families simply recognize at first glance that they belong together. Be it the shape of the nose or the special eyes, some relatives look very similar. But this mother and daughter not only connect externals. They share the same passion: dancing!

Clearly, even the three of them have the rhythm, because their mother is still very pregnant - in the blood. The video is currently making the rounds on Facebook. At the beginning, the family does not even dance and yet it has already captured the hearts of the audience. For the little Jaylyn, who is just six years old, politely presents herself and her mother first. Not to forget here is her unborn brother in the belly of her mom, whom she already loves in her own words.

But it gets even better, because the video is not only sweet, but actually really impressive. When the pregnant mother and her little daughter start to dance, it quickly becomes clear that they really know what they are doing. The music sounds and the little girl starts immediately. As her mother beaming, their bodies move in unison to the song "Watch Me (Whip / NaeNae)" by Silento.

Mother and daughter dance to each other and even the little brother gets shaken up in the stomach! The family clearly shares a talent. The dance of the girl is so beautiful to look at, that even the mother can only capitulate and laugh!

When Jaylyn's mother Nikki shared the video on Facebook, she had not expected to be known worldwide in no time! Already over 17 million man (!) The dance competition has already been watched. Maybe we will soon see a continuation for three, when the little brother was born.

Also funny: The "three twins" cheer their viewers on YouTube.

she kills me, in the winded .. but this is as good as it gets lmao

Posted by Nikki Taylor on Friday, June 26, 2015

This family is thrilling the world with its passion: A pregnant mother and her six-year-old daughter are dancing.

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