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Desk for the bed: working while lying down!

Working in bed - this desk makes it possible!
Photo: Screenshot / 博 康山光

Beach chairs are allowed!

Who does not want that: Instead of getting up, you would like to work from the bed and just lie down. The invention of this desk makes this possible now!

The sky is gray, it is cold and wet. The alarm clock rings much too early and the cuddly blanket has the perfect temperature. On some days one would like to not leave the bed at all. Nevertheless, the duty calls - the desk finally does not come to the bedroom. Or does it?

The Japanese invention "The Super Gorone Desk" does not make the idea of ​​working in your own bed any more so unrealistic. It is a desk for the bed, where you can work comfortably while lying down . A bracket for the laptop and even a USB port are also installed.

Working in bed seems much more comfortable than on an office chair - especially since you do not even have to leave the house on cold days. However, having a desk in bed is just as productive as working with colleagues, but it is doubtful. The danger of taking a nap is definitely greater with this desk in bed than in the office!

Useful or not-comfortable, the invention looks in any case! However, what the colleagues think about it, if one is lying in bed during the next conference call, remains questionable.