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Chocolate puff dessert with two ingredients

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Quick dessert

It could hardly be simpler! Our puff pastry dessert is prepared within a few minutes and nibbled even faster. A chocolate lightning dessert.

Either you love them or you hate them - puffs. We have fallen for the little delights since childhood and today we look forward to an irresistibly delicious cream puff pastry dessert - nibble on our favorite Portuguese giant around the corner.

Where did they come from, the sweet delights? Legend has it that a Baltic countess brought the noble cream puffs to Ruhrpolding. And made her there the favorite pastry of many locals. Baked from airy brandy pastry and filled with a fine vanilla cream or a delicate cream mass - puffs are our favorite candy of the classic kitchen!

We were inspired by the Portuguese Padeiros (baker) and conjure up a heavenly puff dessert from the sweet masterpieces. A treat in a duet with liquid chocolate!

Preparing profiterole dessert

Stack together several puffs of wind and put them together to form a tower. Cover with liquid chocolate and leave in the fridge for 2-3 hours. For the spontaneous visit or the little food lovers at home - our puff pastry dessert is prepared in no time and nibbled even faster. A chocolate lightning dessert!