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Shocking Incest Case in Australia: Leader of 40-headed family now in court

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It all started with brother and sister

In 2012, the Australian police tracked down a 40-member incest family. Now the leader Betty Colt is in court.

Betty Colt is the mother of a total of 13 children. Of these, she is said to have fathered five with her own father, with her brother, or with other close relatives, according to the Daily Mail. These same children were accommodated by the youth welfare office. Betty Colt, whose real name is withheld by the authorities, is now said to have tried to bring two of her children back to her. Now the woman faces up to ten years imprisonment.

In 2012, the public became aware of the Australian and her family for the first time. The Australian police found Betty Colt and her brother in bed in a rundown shack. In tents and caravans around, their children, some of them no more than ten years old, were having sex with their minor aunts and uncles in parallel.

The authorities found the huts and tents, as well as the children, in a neglected state. The partially malformed children were dirty and malnourished. Typical hygiene items such as toilet paper or toothbrushes were completely foreign to them. Many of them could not speak very clearly. They lived in the wilderness without running water and electricity.

The family had not been discovered earlier because Betty Colt and her relatives changed their whereabouts more or less regularly. The scandal only came to light when a child who attended school babbled on the playground. It told of his sister, who was pregnant. However, no one knows exactly which of their brothers could be the father of the child. The authorities became aware of the family.

It all started with the shocking story of the incestuous family from the Australian state of New South Wales, with their great-great-grandparents, who were already brother and sister. Now it remains to be seen what consequences this incredible case of incest will have for the head of the family Betty Colt.