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Shock Video: Face Slapping for playing boys

Photo: Fondation pour l'Enfance

Many French find slaps normal for children

A campaign video from France shows how bad violence in education is for the children involved.

"STOP IT!!! Shut up! "The mother screams, the boy keeps playing. "One last time, stop it!" Then ZACK, the hand flies. The mother gives her son a resounding slap. This video is really awful.

In the first shot, the slap looks like a small slap, it does not take two seconds, already the moment is over. In the second shot, the viewer sees the shot in slow motion . The mother's hand slams the boy's cheek, his head flies to one side, his face grimaces in pain. Then he sits sadly at the table, very still, all joy has disappeared from the small body.

The video was produced by a French foundation for children . The goal: to convince the French parents that slapping is not a good means of education. A survey had shown that 85 percent of the French said slaps were part of a good education.

"A small slap for you - a big blow for him."

This is the slogan of the campaign, which can also be seen in the video. "Even a small slap in the face deforms the child's face and shakes his brain so that it lasts for two seconds, " quoted Emanuelle Piet, a pedagogue and coordinator of the medical studies campaign.

Nevertheless, most French people find it perfectly normal if one's hand slips. A bong had "still killed no one" and "a beating could also be instructive, " argued opponents of the campaign, which should initiate a law against violence against children.

Fortunately, things are different in Germany. Although the Federal Court declared in 1988 "an occasional beating" for permissible - in 2000, however, a law was enacted, which prohibits any corporal punishment in education. Fathers and mothers who beat their children are frowned upon and punishable under certain circumstances.

"An act of violence is never instructive, " said a child psychotherapist from France. We can only agree with her. Sure, kids can be really annoying - but beating them must never be the answer. Who beats his child is most likely overwhelmed with the education and should urgently consulted by education experts and help. For example, the Kinderschutzbund has collected many information and addresses from counseling centers.

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