Recommended, 2021

Editor'S Choice

Nice service: table delights with fine porcelain

A service in toadstool look.
Photo: Manufacturer

Stylish served!

Now we are dressing up properly! A beautiful service or beautifully painted porcelain enchants from now on our dining area with charm.

When it comes to dishes, color may become known again! Gone are the days when everything was classically cut and painted white. Cheerful patterns and exhilarating color combinations dominate the dining table. But also exciting shapes for plates and Co. delight our eyes with excitement.

Totally trendy: dot patterns, pastel shades, flower prints and animal companions on the fine porcelain . What they radiate? Whether dinner with friends, coffee chat with the girls or breakfast with the family - here the pure joie de vivre for every occasion!

We are enchanted ... by the beautiful porcelain parade. Service or individual piece - we show our favorite pieces for a dreamlike table.