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Nice light switch

Photo: Manufacturer

Finally something different: chic switches beautify our walls.

They are the invisible pieces of furniture in every apartment: light switch. Now we get her out of her slumber.

Functional may be nice: These light switches want to turn you on. Even a pretty panel transforms sockets into eye-catchers.

Poetic: "Fink" is a beeping sound.
(With single button, 8 x 8 cm, approx. 32 €, Natalie Lapique on style footwear)

Playful: cover in flower look for double light switch .
(12 x 7 cm, approx. 6 €, Funky Chicken Design over Etsy)

Retro: The surface-mounted light switch has the hang of it .
(About 7 cm, about 41 €, Manufactum)