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Butterfly folding: Simple guide

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  1. You need this for the paper butterflies
  2. And that is how it is done
  3. Finally ...

Step by Step

Butterfly folding made easy: Follow our simple guide and this colorful bouquet will soon bring spring into your home.

You need it for the paper butterflies

  • Origami paper (origami pastel, 15 x 15 cm, 200 sheets, 10 colors, art. No .: 99000.60.06, 4, 49 €, www.idee-shop.de)
  • Wire (craft shop)
  • Double-sided tape narrow (craft shop)
  • Flowers: tulips, ranunculus, daisies
  • vase
  • scissors
  • knife

And that is how it is done

Fold the butterflies step by step according to the template :

1. First, you need a gradratisches paper

2. Fold the square paper halfway to a rectangle.

3. The half-folded paper in turn fold to a smaller square.

4. Now fold the sides inwards so that a triangle is formed from both sides.

5. Fold the paper into a triangle.

6. Fold the right and left corners of the overhead triangle vertically upwards.

7. Turn the triangle over. Bend down the tip of the paper triangle. It is important that the tip is folded slightly beyond the edge of the folding work. Turn so that the tip points down.

8. Fold the small protruding tip around the edge and clamp in this manner.

9. Turn sideways once. So that the paper butterfly receives its characteristic form, the two halves of the body are kinked in the middle.

10. Turn again for the body and fold a line from the small crease line of the folded tip diagonally to the middle of the body, on both sides of the wings.

Finally ...

Attach the finished butterfly with double-sided adhesive tape to the end of the wire and stick it in the bouquet.