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Stop the secrets between parents and children!

Some secrets cope with parents and children - as this game proves

"When did you lose your virginity?", "Did you have a threesome or could you imagine having one?" - Things that parents do not want to know about their children and children even less about their parents.

Cut Video made an experiment out of that. In this video children and parents play the truth game: schnapps or out with the language! The embarrassing and intimate questions that the parent-child combos should ask each other were pre-printed on cards. Who does not want to answer, because it is too embarrassing, must drink.

The results are lovably funny. A girl, for example, implores his mother: "Please drink!" - in the question of the sexiest position. A son claps his father when he learns that he has had a threesome before. But look for yourself.

But it's great that you notice how close some children are to their parents. In the end there is a lot of love besides schnapps and shame.

"What's your favorite sex position?" No question that one asks his mother or wants to get asked by her. In this experiment, the answers come out anyway. Partially

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