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Pupils are not allowed to wear what they want

Hotpants ban on a school heats the mood even more
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School management prohibits hot pants - and reaps scorn

Granted, we also wonder sometimes about how little stuff a teen feels attracted to. But what this headmistress has now done is simply wrong

Alarm, school peace is in danger! The threat: Bare skin. At least that's how the Werkrealschule Horb sees it. And recently, girls with over-shorts or T-shirts are simply putting on XXL T-shirts that are in stock for this purpose. This is stated in a letter from the school management to the parents. "Anyone who is too attractively dressed (for example, cropped shirt, hot pants ...), who gets from the school a big T-shirt, which he / she must wear until the end of the school."

The "he" in this sentence is almost cute. Which boy wears Hotpants and belly-free? Clearly, the ban aims to prevent girls from getting what they want.

But first of all the reasons. Principal Bianca Brissaud has stated: It's not about "suppression of individuality" of the teens. But a "healthy school climate" in which "social and social values ​​are lived and promoted". Teachers have asked them to "do something urgent" against nudity, the Headmistress tells the Black Forest Messenger.

It is sometimes difficult to understand how little material teens are already attracted to. But puberty is just puberty - and especially in this phase of life, no pointless prohibitions should make life even more complicated. Even parents are struggling with dress codes already hard to leave their child free space. Besides, it's just hot right now.

Many women are angry now: Typical. As soon as a girl has little on, they all only see her body. Degradation to the sex object and such. "#hotpantsverbot targets only girls' clothes at an average of 30 ° C, so much for social values ​​..." writes Anne Wizorek, who launched the "outcry" debate two years ago. Others deliberately post hotpants selfies on the net - because of course, a lot of women wear short shorts even without a provocative intention.

With #Verachtung I take note of the #hotpantsverbot hereby. PS: am Ü30

- Victoria (@Kittglo) July 6, 2015

I never wanted to show my feet on the internet. But good. #hotpantsverbot

- Mrs. Waffelschein (@WrauMitWaffel) 6. July 2015

It does not seem to be right, rightly allowed, what the school management has just enforced in these hot summer days. The ministry responsible states: "The school is not entitled to make one's own moral concept the standard for correct clothing." However, the spokesperson for the Headmistress gives the backing with a dangle: If the "school peace" is in danger, such dress rules are allowed.

Thanks to school peace rages the war of opinion in the net, #hotpantsverbot. The forced wear in XXL T-shirts makes the summer even hotter for the school management - thanks to the XXL reactions. There can be no question of peace ...

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