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Students have a good heart and cancel their school trip

Students donate $ 8, 000
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Graduation year waives his director on class trip to New York

Actually, everything was already planned for their graduation trip. However, the senior year of Profile Junior Senior High School Bethlehem, New Hampshire, decided not to travel and to donate the money to his cancer director.

Courtney Vashaw would never have expected such a thing. A few weeks ago, the director was diagnosed with a very rare and aggressive cancer. According to the doctors, she has to adjust to not being able to go to work for a while.

A shock to the director, who is considered friendly and reserved, because her job is very important to her. Therefore, she was also determined from the beginning that she would like to explain to her students why she will not be present for the next weeks or even months.

The final year of high school moved the fate of his director so much that the students decided without further ado, to cancel their 4-day graduation trip to a ranch in New York and donate the money to her director. "She always looks after us so well and is very selfless. We also wanted to act selflessly, " explains student Ian Baker.

Students donate money to cancer-stricken director

It has always been important to the director to not only advance her students academically, but also to educate them to good people who care for others. That she was so successful, she probably would never have dreamed. "Each of us has a connection to her. She gave us so much and we wanted to give her something back, " says class representative Christopher Sirois.

The approximately $ 8, 000 that would have cost the trip can now be used by Director Vashaw to treat her illness. Very moved and with tears in her eyes, she admitted, "It's hard for me to accept the help and I do not know what to say."

The selfless gesture of her students also showed her that they take to heart what Vashaw tries to give them on a daily basis. "You are a very remarkable, funny and amazing group of young people."

A class trip will still make the graduating class, but probably to a nearby location and only for one day. But that's not so bad, because the health of her director is for the students . According to them, further charity events will follow for her beloved director.