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Slim tipsThus, you cheat your thin waist

Not the legs, not the buttocks or the arms: For many women, the biggest problem with their bodies is the waist. And it is usually not too much, but too little.

With a few tricks you can just cheat a waist
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  1. 1. Accessories
  2. 2. A sweater around the hips
  3. 3. exhibited skirt
  4. 4. belly free

But there are plenty of tricks that can help you cheat a waist where none is.

1. Accessories

Waistbelt are the key to a narrow waist. A long dress or a vest conjures up a great body center with a belt. It is best if the belt is not too narrow. In addition, you should tighten the belt a little tighter. And you already have a waist with an eye-catcher, where nothing was before.

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2. A sweater around the hips

To cheat your waist, you can also tie a shirt or a thin sweater around your hips. This looks sporty and also conceals a few curves on the buttocks. In addition, this waist trick is just right for the trend.

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3. exhibited skirt

A flared skirt will automatically make you a slim waist. For this you should wear the skirt a bit higher. So the skirt makes you visually wider below. Your waist shrinks a bit for that. A good deal for all girls who do not want to cheat on their bottom.

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4. belly free

This waist trick is very popular right now. A small gap skin, has a similar visual effect as a waist belt. The eyes are immediately directed to the center of the body and this affects by the optical fraction much narrower. For most women, crop-free is a no-go. But when it comes to a combo of skirt and top, this wagon can look really elegant.

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