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Slim & happyThe Nudel-Trennkost: Slim feasting with pasta

With the new Nudel-Trennkost you may feast on and lose even more pounds. The only rule: carbohydrate and egg-rich foods may not end up on the plate together.

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Because they are digested differently by the body.

In plain English: With the Nudel-Trennkost you can eat at lunchtime our delicious pasta recipes really full, in the evening there is a juicy steak or fish. These are joined by food from the neutral group, such as vegetables, salads and edible oils.

And to start your day feeling hungry, start with a delicious breakfast. With a cheese and apple bread! Dice 30 g Camembert, stir with 1 tbsp quark and salt. Chop 1 tbsp of walnuts. Cut 1 apple into slices. Cover 1 slice of wholemeal bread with cheese, apple slices and nuts.

This is how the noodle-biscuit diet works

If you look carefully when shopping, who can properly feast with noodle food . Cheeses and co. Are okay in small quantities.

Feel free to access

Cheese : You can access all products made from raw, natural milk. These include z. Appenzeller, raclette cheese, cream cheese and mozzarella.

Dairy products : Acidified products such as kefir, buttermilk and a little cream or quark

Fish : Marinated fish such as Bismarck herring, matjes and anchovies

Meat : Air-dried meat and smoked sausages such as B√ľndner meat, salami, raw ham

Please avoid

Cheese : Pasteurized cheeses such as butter cheese, Edam, Tilsiter, Gouda or Pecorino

Dairy products : All types of drinking milk, regardless of their level of fat

Fish : Cooked fish such as plaice, salmon, cod or redfish fillet and canned tuna

Meat : roast meat, goulash, steaks, minced meat, whether from pork, beef, lamb or poultry

The tomato question

Tomatoes belong to pasta like salt to pepper, very clear! But they are a controversial topic in the food-separation world. In some approaches, it says: Raw tomatoes are among the neutral foods, boiled, however, the protein group. But what will become of our pasta sauce?

We do not see it that close, but for those who want to play it safe, we have a recipe for tomato sauce that works without cooking (see recipe "spaghetti with tomato pesto").

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