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Schlager star Christoff mourns his dog

Christoff and his mother with Dior. The bulldog died of a heart attack.
Photo: Dirk Bartling EXCLUSIVE for THE NEW LEAF

"I cried so much for him!"

"The dog is the shadow of man, a loving companion, but not only in the sunshine his man stands by the side." A nice saying about our friends on four paws.

Even singer Christoff ("Fireworks") was lucky enough to experience a dog . Until his darling died suddenly ...

Christoff talks to us about how his English bulldog Dior († 7) lost his life. "He was in the garden, running from behind a lawnmower. He got a heart attack. "

The singer was deeply hurt, he admits: "A total shock. 'That can not be true!' I kept calling. "

But even after his death, the dog is near him. "We buried Dior, at our house. It was very sad. I cried so much for him. But as a reminder his collar is still with me. "

A friend who works as a medium makes Christoff hope. Christoff: "Everyone has a guardian angel, and sometimes she sees that the dog is there. She told me that. "

Hangover Junior distracts him a bit from the pain. "He helped me to overcome the grief better. Now someone is always at home. He needs a lot of attention. "