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Bedroom under the slope

Soft light and warm colors for the night quarter.

In the bedroom, the light is soothing and the goat hair carpet dampens noises: The security that radiates the room with sloping roof, transmits to its inhabitants.

Discreetly backlit, the comfortable double bed is visually the center of the room. The high, ergonomically shaped headboard made of oak supports the back when reading or watching TV.

Manufacturer: Furniture program "now! No.12 ", bed with LED lighting, console: Now by Hülsta. Faltstoreanlage "Luxaflex" with obscuration, 90 x 250 cm, about 445 euros, technology about 195 euros: Teba. Curtain fabric "Martine", approx. 38 Euro / m: Gardisette. Carpeting "Interland", about 40 euros / sqm: Tretford. Wall Paint "Imagine", W202: Beautiful Living Color. Table lamp, satin bedding, about 90 euros, bedspread, about 170 euros, carafe: Dodenhof. (As of 10/09)

Dreamed of it!

A blackout blind makes it possible: The sun is locked out, to watch glare-free in the bedroom. Spots put the elegant device in a mild light. The niche created in dry construction would be large enough for a cupboard, but with chests of drawers the room looks more comfortable. Your handleless doors must be tapped to open. Sexy contrast: white lacquer fronts in front of walls in mocha.

Great climate

Happiness brings radiators that work like an air conditioner - so cool in mid-summer and heat in winter. However, a prerequisite is a heat pump. At a comfortable temperature you will stay in the wicker chair!

Manufacturer: folding blind "Luxaflex": Teba. Curtain fabric "Martine", approx. 38 Euro / m: Gardisette. Trockenbaunische: Knauf gypsum. Wall coating "Easyputz": Knauf Bauprodukte. Wall cabinets "Now! No. 12 ": Now by Hülsta. Downlights "New Tria", each about 20 euros: Arts of Light. Wooden stool, ceiling, TV: Dodenhof. Cooling radiator: Viebrockhaus. Armchair "Sandrine", about 300 euros, stool "FKRW" about 410 euros, floor lamp, jewelry box, about 85 euros, pillows, wallet, vase, about 23 euros: Dodenhof. Carpeting "Interland", about 40 euros / sqm: Tretford. Wall Paint "Imagine", W 202: Beautiful Living Color. Picture "Untitled", about 400 Euro: Ralf Bohnenkamp. (As of 10/09)

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