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Bedroom: The mix for the awakened

summer colors

With bright colors such as white or cool as blue, rooms can visually increase by up to ten percent. Warm earth tones like brown make them smaller and should be used sparingly.

In this ambience you are guaranteed not to oversleep! Here, the summery room design in the bedroom is one thing to do: to make walls strong and shiny, to put on bold color contrasts, playful voiles and a country-house look that looks light and contemporary. The transparent floral curtains emphasize the nostalgic furniture mix, as does the funny clock collage above the bed. The lime-green goat hair carpet is covered with linen borders, stools and baskets are made of sturdy wickerwork.


The stool is made of fast-growing bulrush, a grass of which there are more than 300 species worldwide. Who has spooned the nutty cereal from the ceramic bowl, has enough energy for the day.

Manufacturer: Stool "Peppi", set of 2 approx. 90 Euro: Jan Kurtz. Cereal bowl, approx. 14 Euro, ceramic vase, approx. 18 W: Souk. Jug "Dryckjom", about 4 Euro: Ikea.

ray of hope

The lantern on the chair keeps the memory of the Moroccan foliage awake and adds a strong color accent.

Manufacturer: Curtain fabric "Biella", 300 cm high, about 142 Euro / m: Saum & Viebahn. Carpet: "Interland", color tone 621, with fabric border approx. 70 Euro / sqm: Tretford. Chair "Ean", approx. 40 Euro: Strauss Innovation. Lantern, 30 cm high, about 40 euros: the laundry. Ringelschal "Lysgaard", about 18 euros: Souk.

The color combination

Top-to-bottom color tones: "Arctis 90", "Warm White", "Bright White", "Amber 5" and Teppichton No. 621.

Manufacturer: wall design: FantasticFleece, design Miko, glazed in the color "Arctis 85", emulsion paint "Amber 5" and "warm white": Caparol. Carpet: "Interland", color 621, with surround about 70 Euro / sqm: Tretford. Curtain fabric "Biella", 300 cm high, approx. 142 Euro / m: Saum & Viebahn. Wardrobe "Hemnes", 198 x 110 x 61 cm, about 300 euros, bed frame "Lillesand", 131 x 148 x 207 cm, about 120 euros, table lamp "Ljusas Salbo", 61 cm high, about 30 euros, bed linen "Martorp", wall clock "Dekad", about 15 euros, alarm clock "Dekad", about 9 euros: Ikea. Chair "Ean", approx. 40 Euro, side table "Ean", approx. 50 Euro: Strauss Innovation. Stool "Peppi", set of 2 approx. 90 Euro: Jan Kurtz. Cushion, about 41 euros, seagrass basket, about 19 euros, candlesticks, about 10 euros, heart pendant "heart with bird", clothing: souk. Newspaper basket, about 10 euros: the laundry. Glass vase, about 35 euros: House of Fitz.

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