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Bedroom: Find rest day and night

Before, afterwards

In a modern way nature sets the tone in this bedroom.

Hard to believe how much bigger the bedroom looks, even though the area was separated for the walk-in closet. Sliding doors made of loom weave share sleeping and dressing area. Ceiling-high internals give a huge amount of storage space. In front of the doors there is also a shelf for books and TV. Thanks to its comfortable living atmosphere, the bedroom now guarantees quiet work.


The bedroom looks cramped with the large wall unit.


Because sliding doors separate sleeping area and wardrobe, a bright workplace was created.


Here one has the desire to dangle his daydreams too: backing is the padded headboard, the side table can be used as a breakfast tray. Do not be afraid of the light upholstery - it can be removed and cleaned.

Well hidden

A fine thing, these sliding doors made of loom mesh. You separate the walk-in closet from the rest of the room. Behind it are shelves, with plenty of room.


Its flexibility makes the small desk made of alder wood to the perfect employee: If you need more work space, the essay with drawers and compartments can be quickly taken off and put aside. It is available untreated for 189 euros, waxed or white glazed for 219 euros.

Manufacturer: Bed "Loftline", 150 x 200 cm, from about 1780 euros: reputation. "Legno / Ecoline" shelf, 250 x 132.5 x 34 cm, "Loom Lloyd" sliding doors, 250 x 126.5 cm: room plus. Side table "Deposito", 63 x 44, 5 x 44, 5 cm, ca. 510 Euro: Lambert. Desk, 98 x 100 x 65 cm, from approx. 190 euros, armchair, approx. 250 euros: Car. Carpet "De Luxe", about 52 Euro / sqm: Dura Besmer. Curtain fabric "Onox", 145 cm wide, approx. 88 Euro / m: Kinnasand. Faltrollo's "Paper", 170 x 70 cm, approx. 320 Euro: MHZ. Bed linen "Skye", about 57 Euro: Habitat. Plaid "Seaborn", storage boxes "Box Zone", slippers "Sabot": Woodnotes. Pictures on canvas "Pastel", 70 x 50 cm, set approx. 800 Euro: Gunda Jastorff. Bed linen "Skye", about 57 Euro: Habitat. Plaid "Seaborn", 110 x 200 cm, ca. 820 Euro: Woodnotes. Strip cushion "Versus", 60 x 33 cm, approx. 60 Euro: BoConcept. Pictures on canvas "Pastel", 70 x 50 cm, set about 800 euros, "meeting", 100 x 50 cm, set about 950 euros: Gunda Jastorff. Tray "Darte", teapot "Lapsang", cup "Suomi": Habitat. Carafe, shell: Ikea. Glass Vase: Green Earth. Table lamp "Little big lamp", ca. 490 Euro: Ingo Maurer. Pencil case, about 35 euros: Woodnotes. Felt Notebook, approx. 30 Euro: Hey-Sign.