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Lack of sleep increases the risk of diabetes and obesity

Lack of sleep is not just a problem.
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  1. Already knew?
  2. Lack of sleep affects the body
  3. Reduce overweight and prevent diabetes

Already knew?

Lack of sleep not only makes us feel tired and tired. According to a recent study, he also increases the risk of developing diabetes and being overweight. Reason is the effect of the lack of sleep on the insulin level in the blood. Anyone who sleeps regularly should therefore keep an eye on his health.

Lack of sleep affects the body

Many negative consequences of sleep deprivation have long been known to scientists. If the biological clock is disturbed, for example, metabolic disorders and high blood pressure can occur. A study by Vanderbilt University in Nashville in the US has now also focused on the link between sleep deprivation and the effect of the hormone insulin, which controls blood sugar levels.

The researchers found that the blood sugar levels of mice that were prevented from sleeping were significantly worse than those in animals that had a normal daily routine. The risk for diabetes was thereby increased. The animals with the disturbed blood sugar level also tended to store more fat and become overweight.

Reduce overweight and prevent diabetes

A sleep time of less than five hours per night is considered questionable and causes a high risk of diabetes . People who regularly get so little sleep are thus much more at risk than those who sleep seven hours and more per night. Many people, however, can not escape the lack of sleep: They work in shifts or often travel and thus repeatedly experience jet lag, which leads to irregular sleep. They should pay particular attention to their body. The most important thing is a healthy diet and regular exercise.

If you avoid becoming overweight, your individual risk of contracting type 2 diabetes, the so-called adult onset diabetes, also decreases. If you frequently suffer from sleep deprivation, it is best to seek medical help and check your blood pressure on a regular basis - as elevated blood pressure also leads to a higher risk of diabetes.

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