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Sascha Hehn: Shooting in Scotland

Sascha Hehn is shooting in Scotland - he needs freedom, not luxury.
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"I am independent - not only in love"

He does not let himself be bent - but he still has something changed in his life ...

There he stands before us: suntanned, charming and somehow daring. Sascha Hehn (57), the swarm of all women. We have the TV star, who will soon be seen in the ZDF series "A summer in ...", visited during shooting in Scotland . A land that radiates vastness. Just the thing for Sascha Hehn, who has often stressed that he needs his freedom. Also in a partnership.

But in the interview he confesses now surprisingly: "I am independent - only in love not." Who would have thought that someone could tame this woman hero! But Linda, around 27 years younger, has apparently made it. For over ten years, the actor is happy with her.

It seems like his attitude to love has changed. Sascha Hehn says, "It's normal when you get older, and when you're with someone for so long, you do not want to miss it anymore." One limitation he makes: "You should not get used to each other so much that it bores you."

That's why he still takes his time alone today. It even happens that he disappears without a word. "I'm one of those who go their own way, sometimes to the chagrin of others, that's the price of freedom, " says the star.

His Linda is obviously doing well. "Usually she can already imagine where I am, " says Sascha Hehn. "In nature, when fishing, for example, I like being in the fresh air, later we make a fire and grill the fish that I have caught."

When he looks into the vastness of the Scottish countryside, he thinks of his Bavarian home. "Scotland reminds me of home, " says Sascha Hehn, who leads a life without luxury. At home he lives in a log cabin near Wasserburg am Inn, fishes, hunts or drives his VW bus.

He tells: "I lived in Munich for 22 years and celebrated at every party and at some point, at 36, it was over." Country life and Linda make him happy enough.

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