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Sarah Jessica Parker: She has scary hands

The scary hands of Sarah Jessica Parker.
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International role model with the hands of an old woman

At first glance, they seem perfect. In the second one you can see that also world stars like Sarah Jessica Parker have their flaws. Her hands: scary factor high ten!

She is a role model and style icon. Millions of women love their outfits. Sarah Jessica Parker seems immaculate. The envy factor: huge! The appearance is deceptive.

Madonna and Angelina Jolie also regularly cause a stir with their hands. The hairstyle sits, the make-up too and the hands? A single disaster. Spindly fingers, bloodshot skin, and prominent veins are anything but sexy.

She became famous as Carrie Bradshaw. Her fans love her. And although the ' Sex and the City ' queen turns 50 next year, Sarah Jessica Parker is in no way inferior to her younger colleagues - except for the look of her hands . Day long starvation diets and hours of workouts will not leave a world star behind. The hands: bony and emaciated. Scary factor high ten!

Time and again it says: On the hands you can see the true age . Why is the otherwise so-old-focused Hollywood so sloppy on this point? We do not know it. A 50 is and remains just a 50th And that's a good thing!

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