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Santa Claus in reindeer sled

You need this:

With this window picture you almost start to believe in Santa Claus again.
Photo: Frechverlag
  • Photo carton in white, A3
  • Tracing paper rest
  • Rhinestones in crystal, ø 5 mm
  • Glass nuggets in transparent, ø 1.5 cm

Here is the template: Santa Claus in his reindeer sleigh

That's how it works:

1. The Santa Claus on the reindeer sleigh and his cap are cut from photo carton, the moon is made of tracing paper. The moon is best cut with scissors.

2. Cut first the outer cuts, then the inner lines. Cut the stars from the tips of the teeth. On the other hand, one slides off easily and cuts into the motif.

3. Slightly cut the areas between the harnesses. These should be cut out very last, very carefully, so that the work does not break down. Press the paper in front of and behind the end of the strap while cutting with your thumb and forefinger, do not hold it on one side only!

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