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Sam Lake is the world's most vain criminal!


Vanity does not protect against punishment

The person in question actually answers the police because he does not like his mug shot. This makes Sam Lake the vain criminal in the world! Gone stupid!

The trouble that costs the criminal his vanity, he should probably rather be stuck in his flight. It has happened in Australia, which at first sounds like a joke.

Sam Lake is wanted by the police in Christchurch. For the search this uses the social media - she posts a picture with a call for help on her Facebook page. The photo is commented on just the wanted. The Christchurch police is probably dealing with the vain criminal in the world. Because Sam Lake does not announce itself to anybody - rather he points out that he does not like his mug shot .

As a result, a swift exchange of blows between police and criminals takes place under the picture. The statement of the 23-year-old, he needed a new photo, this answers promptly, he would even get in vain, if he came over. As a result, the criminal does not even go in and weighs himself further into safety: "If the police search just as well as would answer ..." he commented arrogantly. Sam Lake thinks he's smarter than he is, because a short time later he gets caught. The original manhunt has since been deleted, but the success message can still be seen on the Facebook page of the Christchurch police.

However, the world's most vain criminal seems to be on the loose again. Sam Lake cheerfully posts a self-edited mug shot using Zoolander's face from Ben Stiller's film of the same name. The short police stay does not seem to have spoiled his mood.

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