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Sabine Kaack: Nobody knew about their bad fate

Sabine Kaack lives very conscious today, loves healthy food.
Photo: Imago / Sven Simon

"My faith helps me to survive every day"

Fate did not always like her well. Sabine Kaack (53) has lost many loved ones: her grandfather, a good friend, four of her colleagues from the ZDF series "These Drombuschs" .

But although death accompanies her throughout her life, the Berlin woman never lost her strength and cheerfulness. Not even when her marriage failed after 16 years. In conversation, the actress reveals how she deals with these blows.

Ms. Kaack, how are you, three years after separating from her husband?

Sabine Kaack: That's good. It was not a sudden story. We have slowly disintegrated. The separation was the right step. After that I felt like liberated. A separation is always a chance to experience something new.

How will you spend Christmas?

Sabine Kaack: Together with my son. We do it quite traditionally, baking cookies and a crunchy cottage. I also meet with my friends during this time to knit together.

Do you go to church?

Sabine Kaack: Yes, very much. This is an integral part of our Christmas . I celebrate it right with my mother and son. That strengthens the sense of family. An important ritual that brings people together.

How important is your faith to you?

Sabine Kaack: I need my faith for my life. He helps me to survive every day. It gives me strength to know that a higher power is watching over me. I also believe in guardian angels.

Have you ever seen a guardian angel save you?

Sabine Kaack: Not in this form. I tend to have a continuous relationship with them. For me it is very important, it gives me security and a feeling of security.

They had to live through many misfortunes ...

Sabine Kaack: Yes, it started with my grandfather, who died when I was 11. I saw him laid out at that time - that was a very formative event for me.

Nevertheless, you are very life-affirming. How do you do that?

Sabine Kaack: I just have a positive attitude to life and I look forward to every day that I can use according to my ideas.