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Doctors explain 99-year-old pregnant

99 and pregnant?
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99 and pregnant?

She is 99 years old and pregnant? The doctors explain this grandmother at least in an incredible letter!

Doris Ayling turns 100 on November 21st. In the last century, the lady has experienced a lot, yet life always keeps a surprise for her. In this case, it is a letter that once again causes excitement in the otherwise quiet life of the grandmother. The 99-year-old is declared pregnant in an official letter from the Fareham Community Hospital!

Doris can only laugh at this notification. She has already become a mother three times in her life-apart from her age, the lady would very well know herself if she were pregnant. The 99-year-old now presents the letter in the media and makes for laughs around the world.

The letter is actually addressed to you, name and address match. At the latest on the date of birth, which is also listed on the document, the doctors would have to cut short. A 99-year-old, who is pregnant, would be very unlikely . Nevertheless, Doris is politely advised to bring a urine sample and pregnancy notes to her next appointment.

The grandmother of 20 grandchildren takes the letter with humor and shows it to her 76-year-old son. He is also amused that his 99-year-old mother has been officially declared pregnant by doctors. The hospital has since apologized for the administrative error.

"I have three children and 20 grandchildren - but I have not been pregnant for 70 years!"

Posted by The Sun on Monday, July 20, 2015