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Ryan Gosling brings Twilight star to public masturbation

Careful, Eva Mendes!

Anna Kendrick is keen on Ryan Gosling

Anna Kendrick, Ryan Gosling

Some stars should simply not have a Twitter profile and be tempted to divulge too much from their private lives. Although "Twilight" actress Anna Kendrick was talking innumerable women's minds as she rallied on her side for Ryan Gosling, her enthusiasm took a giant step too far. "Ufz - I'll NEVER meet another Ryan Gosling Movie in the cinema. Obviously, the masturbation in the back row is still considered inappropriate, "she explained completely pain-free and was not only insensitive to colleague and Ryan's girlfriend Eva Mendes, but also as rather primitive. Is Anna Kendrick shocked for PR reasons? Was it just a trick to get into conversation? After all, Anna Kendrick is currently presenting her new film "End Of Watch", which she described in an interview with "Glamor" as "so exciting and so different". By the way, she plays with Jake Gyllenhaal in that, and we do not want to imagine what she led to in the filming breaks.