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Russell Crowe: The set is his home

Russell Crowe's favorite place is the movie set

Russel Crowe

Russel Crowe / ©

The Australian is the 2404th star immortalized on Hollywood's Walk of Fame. During the unveiling of the star on Monday, April 12, he revealed that he is doing his job because of the special effects on people. He told the Kodak Theater, "There's nothing I'd prefer to do apart from my family, than on a movie set - especially on the first days when the excitement and freshness is still there - thank you for this privilege - I'll always be grateful for that - long ago, on a busy day at a movie set, surrounded Of mud and rain, Australian actor Brian Brown told me, 'The best part of our job is that it ends sometime.' And as hard as my moments on shoots were, the irony is that the job will end, But sometimes I talk to people on the sidewalk about a movie I made 20 years ago. "The 46-year-old will soon be admired in a series of new films. In May, his latest film 'Robin Hood' will be released with Cate Blanchett and Mark Strong. But the poorer's helper will not be on the screen in the usual guise, as Crowe explained, "There are no tights in this movie invented only a few hundred years after the events of the story The tale begins in 1199. Tights did not exist until 1600. I apologize to those who are disappointed that there are no tights. "

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