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Run girl, run! Motivation: How do you motivate yourself and others?

It goes without saying that exercise is good for you. Nevertheless, it is often difficult to motivate yourself to run. With these tips you can inspire yourself and others super.

With the right motivation tips, running becomes your favorite sport.
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  1. Set goals and schedule rewards
  2. The right music works wonders
  3. Try new routes
  4. To arrange to run
  5. Well dressed, it works better
  6. Training according to plan

You have no time? The weather could change? Actually you are just tired? There are so many reasons to postpone the regular run. Fortunately, there are just as many good reasons for not giving up training. Here are six tips for you to motivate not only yourself, but others to jog. Together, running makes it even more fun.

Set goals and schedule rewards

Your run does not have to become a competition to make you feel more motivated. But how about, for example, the goal of running the 5 kilometers in 30 minutes? If you can do that, for example, treat yourself to a pair of really nice sweatpants. Or you sign up with a friend for your first official run and train together with her for this goal. If you manage the run, you can reward yourself with a relaxing wellness day.

The right music works wonders

Of course, if you want to listen to the sounds of nature while walking, because you can relax in the best way, then that's alright. But for many joggers, music helps to blow your head through. In addition, the right music can create happiness and spur you even more. An additional tip: For interval training, songs that are faster in between are suitable. Most of the time, you can not do anything else than adjust your pace of speed as you would expect.

Try new routes

You get bored while running? Then use your training sessions to get to know your own city a bit better. Explore other parts of the city, explore a new park, or meet with a friend once in their neighborhood to try out their running track. Another tip: Sometimes it helps if you trick yourself. It is often difficult to keep walking if you know you have to make it back. Therefore, only walk the way, this all the longer. Back you can - if possible - go by bus or train.

To arrange to run

How does running be twice as fun? That's right, if we can share the experience with another person. Grab a friend and plan regular running meetings with her. So you can motivate each other to stay on the ball. Additional plus: If you can talk while jogging about the latest gossip, you barely notice how you travel miles by miles.

Well dressed, things are going better

The range of cool sportswear is barely manageable today. All the better: Because then you have the opportunity to pick out a really great running outfit that you absolutely have to show your fellow man. Of course you do that best by jogging through the city.

Training according to plan

Sometimes it's easier to follow a set plan while walking. Such a schedule can z. For example, you can always run in the morning before work or during lunch, depending on what time of day you are. So you have a fixed date with yourself every day to run. If you go through it, you know that you are already many steps closer to your specific goal. There is the right plan for every goal and fitness level. You have enough choices and it never gets boring.