Recommended, 2022

Editor'S Choice

Rose Kanz

  • Foam wreath for fresh flowers 25 cm in diameter (from the florist)
  • 2 stems branched mini roses in pink (eg.

      "Mini Eden")
    • 2-4 roses in cream
    • 3 stalks forget-me-not
    • 1 stalk button camomile
    • 3 stems Alchemilla
    • 2 stems of common chamomile
    • Bowl
    • knife
    • possibly pink satin ribbon

    1. Soak the foam ring.

    2. Shorten the stalks of the flowers diagonally with the knife and put them mixed in the wreath. Finished wreath z. B. put in a bowl.

    3. Possibly A satin ribbon loosely wrap around the wreath.

    Tip: For better durability always leave some water in the bowl or the wreath base, so that it stays moist.