Recommended, 2022

Editor'S Choice

Rose Cake

  • Fresh flower pouch (eg from Mosy)
  • skewer
  • 9 roses (eg

      Variety "Hokus Pokus")
    • 4 white roses
    • several stems button camomile
    • Hairpins or short pieces of wire (to bend U)
    • Lace ribbon (haberdashery)
    • several leaves (eg Hosta)
    • etagere
    • knife

    1. Cut the plug-in compound to a circle (about 10 cm ø)

    2. Water the plug-in compound.

    3. Pre-drill holes for the roses with the skewer.

    4. Cut the roses and put them in the holes in the center of the plug.

    5. Pin button camomile with hairpins on the edge of the plug-in circle.

    6. Wrap the lace ribbon around the flower cake.

    7. Put the leaves between the flower cake and the lace ribbon.

    8. Arrange the flower cake on a shelf and water.