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Pink romance: We conjure up a girlish table decoration

Photo: deco & style

Delicate color play

Everything in pink - from the colors to the floral decoration to the napkin: this is how the romantic and playful side of your table decoration comes to the fore.

Grind it!

But one did fine! With the pink floral napkin folded into a bow tie and a place set of rose gold pearls, every simple dish throws itself into a gala outfit. The folding instructions for the napkin can be found here.

Dining table, approx. 703 €: Habitat. Large plate, about 14 €, medium plate, about 9 €, small plate, about 7 €: Maxwell & Williams. Placemat, beads on wire mesh, about 19 €: Tine K Home about Beloved home. Cutlery, 30 pcs., Approx. 169 €, white wine glass, approx. 6 €, water glass, approx. 10 €: Villeroy & Boch. Napkin ring, set of 4, approx. 16 €: Zara Home. Candlesticks, approx. 89 €: Muuto via Connox. Bar candles, each about 1 €:


First one, then two, then three ... Closely close together, the flowers in the bowl make a colorful arrangement for the center of the table: Simply cut the moss to the size of a bowl, let it soak in water and place it in the bowl. Shorten the stalks of peach and white roses, pink ranunculus and carnations and gypsophila and place them close together in the foam. Done is the perfect floral arrangement for the table decoration .

Porcelain bowl "Fabuleux", Ø 20 cm, approx. 13 €: Maxwell & Williams. Windlight, glass, set of 3, approx. 15 €: Nordal via Car. Wine glass with floral pattern, about 8 €: Zara Home. Chair, lacquered aluminum, 80 x 49 x 49 cm, approx. 184 €: House Doctor over Car

cup of happiness

Oh, how cute - and oh, how delicious! For the eye and culinary delight, prepare a cake mix for cup cake (eg about 1 €, Dr. Oetker) in a drinking vessel according to the manufacturer and let it cool down a bit. Then place the cup centered on décopatch paper, fold the edges up and loop around. It gets even sweeter with a deco of mini-meringues.

Décopatch paper, about 3 € / 3 sheets: idea-shop. de. Cup with saucer, about 11 €, plate, about 5 €: Maxwell & Williams. Gray plate, about 20 €: Jars Céramistes. Gray small bowl, approx. 11 €: Anne Black. Apricot-colored small bowl, approx. 20 €: DIY stick. Milk jug, about 10 €: Ritzenhoff. Cloth Napkin, about 7 €: