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Romantic bedroom

Photo: Living idea

Before, afterwards

The bedroom radiates visible and noticeably more warmth after the conversion. The main roles play soft colors, soft fabrics, and sensual forms.

Many things have been there before, but not in this mix. The charm of the new sensuality is also reflected in various epochs. The focal point of the room is the simple rattan bed, which moved in front of a half-high cupboard, whose sliding doors with nostalgic wallpaper promote the warm atmosphere of the room. The interplay of soft light, soft fabrics, rough wood, cheerful patterns, the past and the new creates old-fashioned coziness in a modern form.

Poetry in the bedroom

The optical illusion is successful: At first glance, the fronts look like crocheted lace. In fact, the sliding doors were clad in vinyl wallpaper. This resulted in full length and half height behind the bed decorative storage space.

Closer to me!

The practical side table made of sheet steel, which thanks to its U-shape can approach very close to the bed, comes into close contact. Gorgeous for the first coffee of the day!

On a cuddly course

Pillow parade on the bed: Whether knitted or crocheted - with their different materials and surfaces, they are lovable piece by piece. What's more, they provide soft support for cozy cuddles.

Manufacturer: Rattan bed "Monk", 160 x 200 cm, about 1590 Euro: Marktex. Sliding doors with paper fronts, 110 x 400 cm, approx. 3225 Euro: Cabinet. Wallpaper "Contempo / Nr. 389 070 "for sliding doors, approx. 16 Euro / m: Interwall. Side tables, "Legno Vivo", ø 40 cm, from approx. 380 Euro: Riva. Curtain fabric "Oki", approx. 110 Euro / m: Nya Nordiska. Bed linen "Large Spot Beige", set about 90 euros, pink box: nostalgia in the nursery. Lamps "Ljusas Ysby", 56 cm high, ca. 70 Euro, Lambskin "Ludde", 95 x 60 cm, ca. 30 Euro, Plaid "Ofelia", 130 x 170 cm, ca. 25 Euro, frame "Langasjö" " Jjällsta ", " Ribba ", " Snajsig ", picture" Misty Lake ", 50 x 50 cm, ca. 6 Euro: Ikea. Sliding doors with paper fronts, here 110 x 400 cm, approx. 3325 Euro: Cabinet. Wallpaper "Contempo / Nr. 389 070 "for sliding doors, approx. 16 Euro / m: Interwall. Laminate "Tritty": Haro. Lamp "Ljusas Ysby", approx. 70 Euro, frame "Fjällsta", 50 x 50 cm, approx. 20 Euro: Ikea. Pink box, 23 x 30 x 35 cm, about 35 euros: nostalgia in the nursery. Mint green box, approx. 11 euros: TM Room 4. Side table "Helper", 44.5 x 54 x 33 cm, approx. 235 euros: Ligne Roset. Bird vase "Woodpecker", about 15 euros: The Wohngeschwister. Cup "Candy Jar": The laundry. Lambskin "Ludde", 95 x 60 cm, ca. 30 Euro: Ikea. Purple cushion with application, 30 x 40 cm, about 17 euros: Vossberg. White cushion cover "Flower Power", 40 x 60 cm, about 100 euros: Zoeppritz. Brown cushion cover "Maravilla", 40 x 40 cm, about 50 euros, cuddly mouse, about 20 euros: Impressions. Bed linen "Large Spot beige", set about 90 euros: nostalgia in the nursery. (As of 10/2009)