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Robyn Lawley: 'Plus Size' model shows up unretouched on Instagram

Unretouched and beautiful: Model Robyn Lawley
Photo: Instagram / robynlawley1

Well formed rather than super slim

Nice and curvy! That's how Robyn Lawley likes to show herself on the unretouched photos on Instagram. With this she sets a signal against false beauty ideals.

She is not a typical model: Robyn Lawley does not have to pay attention to her job for her job or spend endless hours in the gym. She looks like the average woman with her little cuddly jeans, but is already regarded as a 'plus size' in the fashion world and is one of the most sought-after oversized models of all.

For that reason, she does not have to hide from her slimmer colleagues in a bikini - and she likes to show that too. The pretty Australian girl's Instagram account is full of swimwear snapshots. Many of them are even unretouschiert and prove how beautiful a curvy female body looks in a bikini.

But what stands out most about Robyn's bikini photos is her self-confidence. You just see that she feels really comfortable in her skin. That's why she looks fantastic! We'll do that next time on the beach, whether XS or XL.