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Robert Jahns: The most popular German Instagram user about his unique art

As real as the pictures of photo artist Robert Jahns are, they are not really real.
Photo: nois7

Instagrammer Robert Jahns alias nois7 reveals the secret of his photographic art

Digital artist Robert Jahns became Germany's most popular Instagramer under the name nois7. He tells us how his impressive pictures are created.

For almost three years, 27-year-old Robert Jahns from Düsseldorf has been working on Instagram under the stage name nois7. What he publishes here is unique. The digital artist creates intriguing images that play with the borderline between reality and fantasy , creating storms of excitement around the world .

So Robert Jahns is under the pseudonym nois7 - behind which, incidentally, no special meaning hides - with 630, 000 followers of the most popular Instagramer from all over Germany . The pictures, which the 27-year-old publishes several times a week on Instagram, have an average of 37, 000 likes.

What impresses me personally in particular: Robert Jahns uses nothing more than his iPhone 5S and the apps installed on it, such as ArtStudio, Filterstorm and VSCO cam, to process his digital artwork . Photoshop is only used "for professional purposes". The image editing software has been used by Art Director for 16 years now.

Digital artist Robert Jahns creates images that take us into the realm of fantasy

The individual images can consist of up to 20 elements. Robert Jahns about his work: "It's a complex process, most of the time the idea or the image concept comes up, I work with many photographers and artists around the world, which gives me a diverse selection of images, and it's important to choose or photograph the elements that certain factors such as light, shadow, etc. are in agreement. "

The processing time can be two hours or even several days. "With me, it's actually the editing that takes longer, taking photos is often the most time-consuming process of getting to the location, but there are also some motifs that just require a lot of patience."

The inspiration for his surreal images, which he publishes under his stage name nois7, draws Robert Jahns from his environment. In an interview with he explains: "Everything that happens around me is really inspiring me, it's often just seconds that make me have a picture idea - it can be conversations, sounds, a text or just pictures. I listen to a lot of music, see a lot of pictures every day, and I make sure I stay creative. "

On Instagram, it's mainly users like @Ravivora, @ 13thwitness and @Alexstrohl who inspire him. The artist adds: "I do not always find inspiration for new creations here, it's often the inspiration to travel again and embark on a new adventure."

In the past, running Instagram account nois7 was a hobby for the freelance art director. "I saw the work as compensation for my actual job." But it did not stop. Meanwhile, 'nois7' has become a second mainstay for Robert Jahns.

This photo shows the most popular Instagramer in Germany: Robert Jahns aka nois7.

What are the next goals of the most popular German Instagramer? "I recently started selling limited-edition images on my website and plans to go on a gallery tour in New York, Paris, London and Berlin, and I am currently planning my own exhibition in New York. "

So we can look forward to many more artworks by Robert Jahns alias nois7 . If you liked the pictures of the Digital Artist, you should take a look at the website of nois7. Here are some limited prints for sale. Also included is my personal favorite picture: the elephant hovering over New York. Incidentally, a motif that counts the artist himself among his favorites.


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