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Rita Ora and Harry Styles: Hot Club Night in London

Does Rita Ora want Harry Styles now?

Rita Ora, Harry Styles

Is Rita Ora possibly looking for a new victim to keep her talking? Most recently, she's increasingly looking for the company of Harry Styles, and was celebrating the night with him at London's "Groucho" club. The "One Direction" lover has just returned from California, where he claims to be a suitable property with his father was looking at the beach of Malibu. Apparently, after the family trip, he had a sense of party, which is why he made it into the wee hours of the morning with Rita and "Oasis" member Noel Gallagher. Harry Styles was seen with Rita Ora before Taylor Swift Harry Styles left the club early in the morning alone through the side door while Rita Ora and a friend climbed a limousine. Even before his relationship with Taylor Swift Hazza had been seen several times with the media addict colleague. Rita Ora is two years older than the offspring Casanova with preference for older girls - if there could be something or are they just really platonic friends? SE

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