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Rihanna's nipple piercing

Busenblitzer the stars: Rihanna

Good prospects for the new year: Rihanna showed her nipple piercing in a transparent lace dress on a New Year's Eve party. Intention?

Rihanna shows her nipples
Photo: Getty Images
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According to Italian custom, red underwear supposedly brings good luck on New Year's Eve. Apparently, Rihanna has not heard of it yet, because the singer did not use her bra on the New Year's Eve party of rapper Sean "Diddy" Combs in Miami.

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In her transparent lace dress, Rihanna not only showed her nipples, she also stretched out her nipple piercing for the photographer. Was her bosom strokes intentional?

Rihanna's bosom in lace dress

Anyway, Rihanna let it rip neatly: "Sunglasses and headache tablets - last night was awesome!" She tweeted the following day. For the party she had specially interrupted her vacation on her home island of Barbados. And if Rihanna does not believe in the custom of red underwear, she is stuck to another tradition: the kiss at midnight.

"Just for your information, we have to find someone for New Year's Eve 2012 whom I can kiss at twelve! My friend Melissa did not bring it last night, "Rihanna told her followers via Twitter. However, we are surprised that no potential admirer could be found in the hot outfit ... maybe Rihanna should try it with red underwear?

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