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Rescue operation: Teenage boy helps blind boy being beaten

The blind boy can not defend himself against the beatings until he comes to the aid of another brave student.
Photo: Twitter / @ForeignClass_

He is celebrated as a hero

A blind boy is beaten in the schoolyard by a classmate. But then another teenager intervenes and defends him.

On a courtyard of a school in Huntington Beach, California , a blind boy is hit by a classmate . But it only takes a few seconds until an obviously older student rushes to his aid and puts the first beating boy out of action with a few blows.

Angry, the older boy asks the lying bat: "Are you really trying to beat a blind child?" Other students rush in and want to help him up. They tell the elders to stay away from him. Has the scene been forgotten before?

Even as he leaves, the older boy, who finished the fight, says, "I swear to God, if you hit that child again, I'll beat you."

Since the fight was recorded with a mobile phone camera and was released, the clip has spread at breakneck speed. The boy, who stands up for his blind classmate, is celebrated as a hero. Even if the fight could certainly have ended with less drastic means.

The consequences of the incident will not be clear at this time. The student who beat the blind boy was arrested by the police. But then handed over the care of his parents. But at school there is usually a zero-tolerance policy towards violence. Both boys could possibly be expelled from school at least.