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Midi skirts: That's what styling is all about

Heavy, structured fabrics and pleats make the silhouette of the Midi most beautiful. And they hide best little stuff!
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  1. Dress code midi skirt
  2. Who is the midi skirt?
  3. The basic rule for midi skirt suits:
  4. Which tops fit the midi skirt?
  5. Which shoes do I wear to the midi skirt?

Dress code midi skirt

For the past two seasons, he has rocked our hearts and our waists. The flared midi skirt also has the stuff to evergreen because of its versatility. With which styling tips he shines especially, we show here.

Who is the midi skirt?

The midi skirt is ideal for women with a narrow upper body. Due to its seat at the waist and the flared shape it conceals not only a small belly, but also broad hips and strong thighs. Attention with very strong calves - which are additionally emphasized.

The basic rule for midi skirt suits:

The midi skirt celebrates femininity and emphasizes the waist . Therefore, combine figure-hugging tops. When choosing shoes, make sure that there is always a bit of leg showing.

Dos and Dont's Midi Skirt Styling:

Narrow-cut tops of all kinds are ideal. Best in the bunch stuck! Better not to voluminous and overlong tops, the steal the midi skirt (and the waist) and make us look like Michelin men.

Which tops fit the midi skirt?

Shirt blouse from C & A, approx. 20 Euro. Sweatshirt from Cheap Monday, about 45 euros. T-shirt with a slight metallic effect from Esprit, approx. 30 Euro.

Shirt blouses are a chic yet casual combination piece for the midi skirt. For an extra-relaxed look, leave the top buttons open. Narrow T-shirts leave the midi skirt in the limelight. And put the waist in the best scene. Also great: if the top takes on a color of the skirt. To trim the midi skirt casual sweaters are ideal . The hem of the sweater should definitely complete with the skirt cuffs.

Which shoes do I wear to the midi skirt?

Suede pumps in Unisa, about 100 euros. Leather ankle boots by Geox, about 145 Euro. Sneakers from Nike, about 85 euros. Toe sandals from Birkenstock, about 45 euros.

Lace pumps take the midi skirt on a journey through time and create a feminine '50s look. For the extra dose of femininity on top care lace models in hip lipstick red. Half-high boots make the midi skirt suitable for all-weather. Between the ankle boot and the hem of the skirt you should definitely see one to two handbreadth of the leg, otherwise the look is compressed. Sneaker to the skirt? Yes, that's fine! Because sneakers break the elegant appearance of midi skirt and set a sporty-cool accent. Great: short (sports) socks. As an airy shoe variant, eco-sandals with straps or thong are recommended. They are very trendy, but do not distract too much from the midi skirt.

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