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Quickfinder 5 kilos away in 2, 3, 4, 6, 8 or 10 weeks

Friedrich Bohlmann's weight loss strategy for individualists.

  1. Customized roadmap for losing weight
  2. With three questions about the right weight loss program
  3. Delicious, varied and really healthy

The wide range of weight loss methods makes it difficult for us to find the right path. "Quickfinder 5 Kilos away" by Friedrich Bohlmann is different. The nutritionist does not introduce yet another lightning diet, but provides a manual for healthy and long-term weight loss in 5-kilo increments.

Customized roadmap for losing weight

With the Quickfinder the right way to the ideal weight is no longer wishful thinking. The subtitle of the book, "How to do it in 2, 3, 4, 6, 8 or 10 weeks", already refers to his concept. You decide yourself in which time and with which sportive effort you reach your goal.

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With three questions about the right weight loss program

Bohlmann's Quickfinder is suitable for anyone looking for an individual weight loss strategy. You have to ask yourself three questions at the beginning: Do you enjoy doing sports? Is it easy for you to do without sweets & Co.? In which period do you want to lose weight?

After you have clarified these questions for yourself and have thus found out your diet type, you will get to the desired weekly schedule with the handy tab. This ranges from the power program with up to two hours of sports daily to gentle calorie saving or the variant with little physical activity.

Delicious, varied and really healthy

In addition to the respective programs, there is also a collection of different recipes, which are ordered by the calorie number: Here you can choose freely from breakfast offerings (with 200 or 300 calories) and main meals (with up to 500 calories) and put together an individual meal plan. Super: Many recipes are also suitable for the office!

In an extra exercise section, the author introduces the fitness factor of jogging, cycling, swimming & Co. and various exercises.

A little taste: three tasty recipes to try:

Delicious breakfast recipe

Super light meal - also to take away!

Great recipe - not only for vegetarians!

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