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Dot LandingDeco with Dots: How to Dab in Your Home

Now things are going really well: big and small dots spread cheerfulness throughout the house.

Always on the wall

YOU NEED: Wallpaper in turquoise, compass, scissors, paste, tassel, wallpaper roll

HOW IT WORKS: Draw a circle with circles of different sizes on the wallpaper and cut it out.

Points make your home happier
Photo: deco & style
  1. A nice back
  2. Colorful pillow dress
  3. Icing on the pot

Mix paste according to manufacturer's instructions. Coat the dots on the back with a puff full of paste, allow to dry briefly and place on the wall at the desired location. Smooth points with a paper roll

A beautiful back

So verschönerst du deine Stühle mit Punkten
So beautify chairs with points
Photo: deco & style

YOU NEED: Adhesive foil in yellow (eg from dc-fix), compass, scissors

HOW IT WORKS: Draw circles with a diameter of 6 cm onto yellow adhesive film. Cut out the dots, peel off the carrier film and fix the glue circles on the chair backrest

Colorful pillow dress

So verschönerst du deine Kissen mit Punkten
So beautify pillows with dots
Photo: deco & style

YOU NEED: white pillow case, cardboard, textile color in desired shades, Stupfpinsel in different sizes

HOW IT WORKS: Push cardboard into the pillow case, apply dots in different sizes and colors with the stucco brushes

Icing on the pot

So machen Sie sich einen Blumentopf mit Tüpfelchen
So make yourself a flowerpot with icing on the cake
Photo: deco & style

YOU NEED: paint roller, acrylic varnish in two different shades of turquoise, stucco brush, thin brush

HOW IT WORKS : Paint the planter in dark turquoise, let it dry. Dab dots in light turquoise with the Stupf brush, paint mini dots with a thin brush.

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