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Psychology: What does my Doodle mean?

What's behind all the by-works?

A few squares in the diary, a flower meadow on the notepad ... In meetings or on the phone, we often decorate entire pages without thinking too much about it. What the side- scribble reveals about us - and why it makes sense.

Cozy we sit on the sofa and call our best friend. With her speech, she is chewing us an ear. As if by itself, our hand suddenly has its own life and scribbles on a piece of paper. Paint a few flowers. Or kringle. Or Jedi swords ...

These little pictures are more meaningful than we think. The psychologist Alfred Gebert has examined the phenomenon: "The moment we scribble something along the way, we reveal our moods and feelings with the drawings." If we paint the same symbol over and over over a longer period of time, we can even draw conclusions about our character. Also, the way we go in front of us, provides information about us: If we smear our scribble criss-cross over the sheet, we are also otherwise rather chaotic. If we arrange our artwork harmoniously, we are a careful person. Painting the same thing on the whole sheet is evidence of a high degree of perseverance and calm. "With age, however, we scribble less and less as we control each other more, " explains Gebert.

Who now thinks that his counterpart does not listen, because the devotional embellished his note, is wrong. "Drawing even increases our attention, because it prevents the mind from digressing, " says Gebert. This was shown in a study of the British University of Plymouth, in which the subjects should remember a long guest list. Result: Those who scribbled on the side could remember up to 29 percent more names.

Do not force yourself at the next conference. But do not paint islands - otherwise your boss suspects that you would rather be in Bali ...