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Princess Victoria: Zickenkrieg with Carl Philips girlfriend Sofia Hellqvist?

Crown Princess Victoria and Sofia Hellqvist, brother Carl Philip's girlfriend, should not be green ...
Photo: Getty Images / AFP

New book is causing a stir in the Swedish royal family

Love was yesterday. At the very least, a new book claims that Crown Princess Victoria (35) can also be less nice once. Namely, when it comes to the future of her brother Carl Philip (33).

Johan T. Lindwall, with his recently published book "Madeleine - Prinsessan privat", is causing quite a stir in the Swedish royal family. There he claims that Crown Princess Victoria and Carl Philips friend Sofia Hellqvist (27) would not be green.

Already at the first meeting of the two Victoria should have the model Sofia as "dominant" felt. Does Sofia really have the pants in the relationship with Carl Philip? Crown Princess Victoria is known to be very worried about her "little" brother Carl Philip.

It is only natural that the big sister keeps a close eye on a possible wife and looks especially critical. In addition, Sofia Hellqvist has posed quite liberally in her job as a model several times. And with a lingerie model there are certain clich├ęs that have to be refuted first.

And that is what Sofia has done meanwhile. It does not lead a "lottery life", as it was initially laid to pleasure. She is committed to charity, is discreet and supports her Carl Philip wherever she can.

Therefore, she is now fully accepted in the royal family, may also be on official occasions as a friend of the prince with it. So everything is just an old hat? Opinions can change and first impressions too.

At the moment, however, there are no signs of a cat fight in the Swedish royal family. On the contrary. It's more like wedding bells ...