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Princess Eugenie is proud of her university degree

Princess Eugenie of York has passed her university degree with good grades.
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Beatrice (23) and Eugenie (22), the brisk daughters of Prince Andrew (52) and Duchess Sarah of York (52), are known to often shock London's fine society with their eccentric hat creations.

But this little headstrong hat, which Princess Eugenie was wearing now, wore it with particular pride: it was the visible sign that she had passed her university degree, and with good marks!

To celebrate the day, Prince Andrew and daughter Beatrice had gone to Newcastle to witness Eugenie's testimony in the 106-year-old university auditorium.

Duchess Sarah, who despite her divorce from Andrew maintains a close relationship with both daughters, was not spotted at the discharge ceremony. One reason was not mentioned.

In Newcastle, the 22-year-old had studied English and art history after her graduation and an excessive trip around the world since August 2009 and achieved the grade "good" according to a German rating. A respectable performance, considering that number six in the British throne was mocked in the London media for a long time as "worthless."

However, Princess Eugenie has not yet taken care of a job. She hopes for lucrative offers. Experience has shown that galleries and auction houses frequently knock at the Jungroyals, because the nobility is considered a good advertising medium. Perhaps - as speculated York's confidants - Princess Eugenie wants to engage charitable for the time being. She is the patron of a foundation that promotes the Royal National Orthopedic Hospital.