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Princess Eugenie: It hooks up at the university

Princess Eugenie of York
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British nobility

Whether prejudice, if cliché - many things strike the heart. Anyone who cultivates and enjoys the reputation of a party princess will hardly be an ace at the university or at work. Inglorious example: Princess Eugenie of York, the fun-loving daughter of Duchess Sarah and Prince Andrew. The fact that Princess Eugenie, who turns 21 in the coming week, likes to party, likes to drink a lot and often struggles, the British know. They forgive Princess Eugenie (almost) everything, because she is an attractive young lady, who - together with her sister Beatrice - vigorously stirs up the Windsor clan. However, most Britons probably believed that Princess Eugenie was seriously studying at the same time. After the motto: first the work, then the pleasure. But as the Daily Mail newspaper claims, Princess Eugenie does not see it that way. Only the pleasure and just no stress, their style seems. The consequence - at the University of Newcastle hooks it. Princess Eugenie will not reach the required points for the successful completion of the semester, they say. It is probably only a matter of time, when the Queen- granddaughter Princess Eugenie cheats her studies (art history, politics and English literature), is speculated.

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